Terms of agreement for the SinSensuality online shop

1. Area of validity
The following terms of condition apply to the sales of products and the provision of services by SinSensuality and its proprietor Cansu Gün, Saarstr. 1 - 50677 Cologne (Germany).
Email: info@sinsensuality.de
Phone: +49 221 169 34 810

When purchasing products from Sinsensuality, all clients enjoy a 14-day trial period. This means that you can return your goods up until 2 weeks after the date of receipt - regardless of reason or motivation. The amount paid for the product will be refunded on the clients account as soon as the product returns to our office in unchanged condition.

After receipt of goods, the purchasing agreement is automatically validated by your approval. The client's approval is assumed if there is no return of goods or notifications otherwise from the client's behalf within 14 days of signing for receipt. In addition to this agreement, clients are still entitled to a cancellation of purchase after approval - as described in the following terms of condition.

All orders and purchases are subject to the following terms of condition, acknowledged & agreed with as stated upon purchase.

2. Contract conclusion
When a client places an order for a product, he/she makes a binding declaration to wanting to purchase said product. The seller has the right to accept the sales agreement as found in the clients order and to immediately confirm receipt of the order through e-mail on the e-mail address provided by the client. The client does not require a confirmation of the sales agreement according to paragraph 151 line 1 of the Buergerliche Gesetzbuch (BGB). The confirmation of the receipt of your offer does not automatically signify a binding sales agreement, however your sales agreement can still be linked to the confirmation of your receipt by our office.

Technical alterations, such as changes in form, color and/or weight are reserved within reasonable terms. The following cooperative obligations are to be observed and fulfilled by the client:
  • keeping us informed about changes in address
  • the reachability of the client must be checked & consolidated (through e-mail or postal service)
  • the filling out of required documents
  • to observe any and all additional conditions to the sales agreement as named in the offer
In the case of any potential discrepancies between a clients order and confirmation and/or declaration of receipt, the client is obligated to inform the seller of said discrepancies immediately. Conclusion of the sales agreement is conditional to the correct and punctual delivery of the order by the supplier. In case of non-availability of the order, the customer will be informed as such by the seller.

3. Return policy
You can cancel your order as declared in the sales agreement within 14 days without providing any reasons or motivation, either by writing to us (e-mail, postal service) or by sending the product back to the seller within the timeframe provided (up to 14 days after receipt). This period begins after receiving these instructions in written form , however not before receipt of the order by the client and also not before compliance with the sellers duty to informing the client of applicable conditions, before the sales agreement has become binding by the clients acceptance of the item. The correct and timely sending of the cancellation or the product itself are sufficient to ensure the right to returning of the product. Any cancellation or product return should be sent to:

Cansu Gün
Saarstr. 1
50677 Cologne, Germany

For the return of items that need packaging, it also suffices to deposit them at a Hermes Paketshop or in a collection office of the German DHL-post.

Consequences of contract cancellations:
In the case of an effective cancellation of a purchase, services and goods performed and received on both sides are to be returned along with any potential received benefits (e.g. taxes). If you are unable to fully or partially return the received goods or services (e.g. discounts,?) or send us back goods in less than mint condition, you are obliged to provide a compensation. In the case of damaged goods or for benefits drawn from the product, you are only obliged to provide compensation for as far as the damage or benefits are the direct result of an interaction with the product that exceeds its stated characteristics and purpose. Stated characteristics and purposes are defined by trials and tests of the product in question as possible and customary within the store.

The client is responsible for carrying the customary costs of a return shipment when the delivered product is matched by the details stated in the order or when the item has a higher price at the time of the cancellation of the sales agreement and the client has not yet performed the required counterperformance or made the contractually stipulated partial payment. Obligations for the refunding of payments must be met within 30 days. For the client, this period starts with the sending of a declaration of revocation or a sending of the product itself. For Sinsensuality, the period begins upon receipt of either.

Instructions for returning goods
Please send us back the items undamaged and in clean condition, preferably in their original packaging with all accessories and packaging parts included. If applicable, use a protective packaging outer packaging. In the case of return shipments, please provide a suitable packaging to protect the item sufficiently from being damaged during transport in order to avoid liability claims regarding any damage due to faulty packaging. Please send the item back to us as an insured package and keep the receipt of posting for possible future reference.

Please note that the arrangements mentioned above are no requirements for the efficient exertion of the cancellation right.

-End of cancellation policy-

4. Payment
The offered sale price is binding and included the sales tax. In the specific case of international shipments, all transport costs are to be carried by the buyer in order to not cause the seller any disadvantages - this also applies to all return shipments and credit vouchers. The item is reserved for the buyer by the seller upon receipt of delivery. Payment methods are restricted exclusively to the methods indicated in the online-shop.

As soon as you confirm your order, the item is sent after receipt of the sale price by prepayment/direct money transfer or PayPal. No deductions for early payments are possible. To cover any credit risks we reserve the right to offer you a selection of payment methods depending on your personal credit rating.

5. Mail-order/delivery period
For domestic shipments within German territory, we charge for free shipping, independent of the shipment's weight and size.
After receipt of payment, the goods are directly sent to the customer according to the indicated delivery period. The mailing is done through DHL. If the shipment can't be delivered or if the client can not be reached, the customer has to cover the mailing costs again as well as any eventual additional costs (for example in the case of expenses related to forwarding or renewed shipping of the package). If the package is visibly damaged on the outside it is mandatory that the employee delivering the package acknowledges and notes the damaged state of the shipment. You can also refuse to sign for receipt of the shipment and indicate the damaged condition as the reason for your refusal to sign. Apart from that, no liability for damages is assumed. If the content of the shipment is indeed damaged, please send us an acknowledgement of the damage and a detailed description of the damage sustained. Please store the item and the complete packaging until the damage has been compensated. Any further proceedings in the event of damage will be handled by us in conjunction with the delivery company.

If the seller is unable to deliver the items within the indicated timeframe or otherwise unable to provide the contractually stated services due to business problems, labour strikes, lockouts, administrative regulations or other cases of superior strength pertaining to Sinsensuality or third parties involved in delivery services, the delivery period will be extended according to the nature and duration of the hindrance. In this case, the client will be informed immediately of this hindrance and its duration. If the problem persists for more than four weeks, both parties have the right to cancel the sales agreement. Further rights are excluded.

6. Reservation of ownership
Until full payment of the sale price, the item remains our property.

7. Image copyrights
All image copyrights are the property of Sinsensuality. Any use or distribution, manipulation or publication without approval is not allowed and will be reported.

8. Limitations of liability
Regardless of careful internal checks we do not take any responsibility for the content of any external links on our website. Only the administrators of these websites and their respective servers are liable for their content. If any of these servers violates any existing laws through its content we are not aware of it. After informing us in an appropriate manner, the link will of course be removed. Furthermore all statements pertaining to linked providers are free of engagement which means no liability will be assumed. We deny any form of responsibility regarding legal & organizational conditions, content and statements pertaining to linked providers. If a client comes across a provider through our links and enters into an purchase agreement with them, he/she does so on their own responsibility.

9. Exchange
Sinsensuality offers the possibility to exchange the delivered item without reason or motivation within 14 days of delivery. In the case of such a revoking of the sales agreement the client will be held liable for the standard costs of the return shipment. If, in case of a higher sale price at the time of cancellation of the sales agreement you have not yet paid the sale price or the agreed partial payment, Sinsensuality will handle the costs provided that the delivered item does not correspond to the ordered one.

For hygienic reasons we only accept return shipments that are sent to us undamaged in their original packaging with the label included. If the item does not fit and you wish to receive another size, simply order the product anew in the preferred size. In the case of prepayment we will refund you the amount through bank transfer.

Discounted products are not returnable.